Client Testimonials…….

This is an archive page of testimonials we have received for our buyer’s agent service from the year 2011 through to early 2016.

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My sister and I had just sold the family home and I was looking for a place to live. Over the past few years family issues had been emotionally draining and I decided that when it became time to buy a home I was going to make it as easy as possible.

I found National Property Buyers via the internet and made an appointment to see Stephen who explained the process to me. I had a budget and certain requirements that I wanted which Stephen found in my new home. Even though I thought at the time I couldn’t afford the unit he negotiated the price for me which was under the advertised price.

Some people might baulk at paying a commission but I believe it was well worth it to get the unit I wanted at a price that I could afford.

Well done Stephen!

— Cynthia D (Brisbane, February 2016)


I want to thank National Property Buyers for the awesome job they have done in finding my new home in Melbourne.

Living in Sydney made it very difficult in inspecting and negotiating the Melbourne property market. From my initial meeting with Antony to working with Brenton in finding a suitable place, they were professional and I felt like they had my best interests at heart. Brenton worked very hard and was always helpful and willing to provide advice on any concerns I had.

It was the best decision I have ever made to use National Property Buyers and will use them again in the future.

— Lisa (Melbourne, January 2016)


“Trustworthy, Attentive and Professional”

I found National Property Buyers through Google since I work in Hong Kong and needed someone to represent me at an Auction.

I was very hesitant in the beginning but after my first phone call with Antony Bucello, he made me feel comfortable and assured that I could rely on National Property Buyers to look after my matters. The services I received exceeded my expectations.

Throughout I couldn’t physically meet Antony so our only communication was by phone and email however everything was always very clear and I was always briefed about the ‘next steps’ and other ‘what if’ scenarios.

I would not hesitate to recommend National Property Buyers and hope to utilize their services soon again next time I’m looking to purchase another property.

— Rhonda (Hong Kong, December 2015)


Thank you very much for the excellent service and all the hard work Steve.

Yes, we are very happy with the result.

We’ll come back to you on logistics.

— Sarah B & Andrew B (Brisbane, December 2015)


I sound like a broken record but I want to thank you and NPB again for facilitating this whole adventure for me and for all your hard work Brenton.

I really do appreciate it. I’m hoping to use you NPB again when I start purchasing investment properties in the near future.

— Lisa (Melbourne, December 2015)


Being busy with work particularly on weekends meant I wasn’t able to inspect the houses I wanted, however Antony and Brenton worked tirelessly to get me through properties I wanted to look at when it worked in with me.

They had both worked extremely hard to source properties and we eventually found the one that I loved and I would purchase.

I found both Antony and Brenton very easy to work with and it save me countless hours searching for properties, I highly recommend them and can’t thank them enough!

— Anthony Miles (Melbourne, December 2015)


Antony and the team were very responsive and displayed a high degree of professionalism in supporting us through the property acquisition process.

Antony was very proactive in representing our interests and supporting us through the Auction process. Antony was easy to deal with and was successful in negotiating terms on our behalf and secured the property we were looking for.

We would be happy to use this service again.

— Glenn and Andrea (Melbourne, December 2015)


Robert is a true professional and most importantly produces results.

I engaged NPB to find my first property and was thrilled with the purchase. Less than a month later I purchased my second. I feel like I have a team who have my back and are in my corner for the long term – not just for a quick buck.

That’s refreshing and I couldn’t recommend Rob and the team more highly

— Mike (Melbourne, December 2015)


We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Robert and his team on the recent purchase of our new family home.

As any homebuyer would know, searching for the “perfect” home is a tedious and time consuming process. Because of Robert, an otherwise stressful process had been smooth from the beginning.

His knowledge and experience in his field is exceptional.

With his passion, dedication and patience, we knew we were in good hands. Again, thank you Robert Di Vita for your help in securing our purchase.

We would highly recommend the National Property Buyers to everyone we know.

— Sean (Melbourne, December 2015)


“Rob was a remarkable help in finding an investment property.

His communication was great and made my purchase as an inter-state buyer a breeze. His enthusiasm and knowledge in locating and researching properties was in flawed and his presence on auction day was a massive reassurance.

It’s safe to say I couldn’t have managed this process without Rob’s constant help”

— D Prestia (Gold Coast, November 2015)


Thanks Brenton!

We are still finding it hard to believe we got the house! It hasn’t fully sunk in yet. Thanks to you for recommending this house. It wasn’t even on my shortlist earlier. Glad we got you on our side or we wouldn’t have found our dream house and bought it too.

Thank you so much again.

— name withheld (Melbourne, September 2015)


I just wanted to touch base and say a big thanks for your efforts on Saturday and giving up your time to help Lauren and I. It is really appreciated and we still can’t believe it all came together. Now the hard work begins! We are also more than happy to refer your services to anyone we know that may be in the market.

Thanks again and best wishes.

— A Plunkett (Melbourne, September 2015)



Thanks a million for all your help over the past month, very much appreciated. An even bigger thank you for winning the auction.

An absolute pleasure working with you.

— Sheena B (Melbourne VIC, July 2015)


Hi Stephen,

We would just like to say thank you very much for your wonderful service in finding us a lovely little investment property. We really appreciate your professionalism, knowledge and kindheartedness.

Good night,

— Eva & Andreas (Brisbane, July 2015)


Hi Brenton,

Thank you so much for all your professional advice and help since day one.

Being our first home purchase (in Australia), Francis and I are obviously very nervous and anxious about the whole process, particularly me.

I would have been a nervous wreck if not for all your good advice, guidance and assurance.

Thank you once again!


— Venica (Melbourne VIC, July 2015)


I contacted National Property Buyers to help me bid at an auction for my first home, after being consistently outbid at a number of previous auctions.

Although I had only met and spoke with Robert briefly prior to auction day, he came across professional and reliable in all our interactions and I felt assured that Robert would represent my interests.

The auction didn’t proceed anything like I had imaged, but my trust in Robert paid off as he had the property passed in and successfully negotiated the sale on my behalf, all while keeping me fully informed through the whole process.

His experience and knowledge of auctions and negotiations and his ability to assess the situation and determine the right tactics to use really shone through. I certainly don’t think I could have negotiated the price I ended up paying and am grateful for Robert’s assistance.

Robert, it was a pleasure to deal with you and I would recommend you and NPB without hesitation to anyone considering using a buyer’s advocate.


— Sangitha (Melbourne VIC, July 2015)


Hi Antony,

Thank you for your email and a very special thanks for your amazing bidding on Saturday.

We still can’t believe that we have the house!!

We have commented numerous times on how impressed we were with your strong and confident bidding and we will certainly recommend you to any of our friends who are looking to buy. As we mentioned on Saturday, we will in the future be buying again for our business so we’ll definitely get in touch next time we have an auction to attend!!

Thanks again for all your advice and help, it’s much appreciated.

Many thanks,

— Amy and Kenny B (Armadale VIC, May 2015)


Brenton has gently but solidly guided us every step of the way through our property search for our new family home.

The differentiating edge Brenton delivered was he was able to recognise that this was a personal search, not just a financial one. He was sensitive, compassionate and actively listened to our needs. He made himself available to us at any time, even though we know he had lots of other work on simultaneously.

He truly advocated for us in dealing with real estate agents, but did so in a highly considerate manner which never ever put them offside (something we are now aware of can happen all too easily).

Additionally, he has provided extra value to us in terms of counsel of our current home selling and other investment property sales.

We found your company through the recommendations of your peers and it is well founded.

Thank you.

— Rebecca and Joe (Warranwood VIC, May 2015)


Many thanks for all of your professional help and advice.

We would not have had the success with purchasing if not for your awesome work. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of engaging your services.

It was a pleasure to deal with you and both Chris and I greatly appreciated the fact that you worked for us over weekends and after hours at short notice to get us the result we have.

— Debbie and Chris (Bendigo VIC, May 2015)


Hi Stephen,

Thank you so much for your help – I love a strong methodology and process and as such your style of work resonated with me.

You have been a great help across what has been a pretty stressful event in our life and for that we cant thank you enough.

— Peter & Suzanne (UAE, April 2015)


From initial discussion with Antony I had a feeling that I could trust them with my investment goals.

Not long after signing Robert took the reigns and guided me to the best area to buy in Melbourne. Only after 2 weeks of signing with them that Robert was able to negotiate a great price for a house I was after.

I am looking forward for the next purchase with National Property Buyers as the whole transaction was so smooth.

— Ruly S (Melbourne VIC, March 2015)

Dan and Dani "The Block"

Popular contestants on “The Block” Dan and Dani pictured here standing in front of “Seddon House” with NPB Victorian State Manager, Antony Bucello

“What came next is what really got on my nerves. After making what we felt was a reasonable offer (considering the length of time the property had been on the market) we were greeted with absolute silence… nothing, nada, not one hint of a response from the agent.

Although we did come in with a fairly low offer compared to the asking price, we felt that it definitely warranted a response. We wanted to test the waters a little and thought this may open the doors to a negotiation and possible counter-offer. After another follow-up email and phone call with no response, we felt it was time to recruit someone who specialised in buying property and knew the real estate game inside and out.

A referral soon led us to a reputable buyers advocate (also referred to as a buyers agent) in the Melbourne area with whom we negotiated a rate. Most buyers advocates work on a commission based fee structure and we were lucky to be able to negotiate this with the agent we chose. Although we thought we knew the market pretty well our buyers advocate had access to data and reports that we didn’t and after perusing a mountain of information we quickly realised that we were a little off the mark when it came to property prices in the Seddon area.

This hurt a little, but we were confident that if we increased our purchase budget a little further that we would still be able to execute the build within our overall budget. The biggest concern for us purchasing a property of this price was that we were worried about outlaying too much money on a property that wasn’t even livable.

However with the knowledge from our buyers agent coupled with the reporting on the area, those concerns were eased and we were confident we were making the right decision. The stress and back and forth that generally comes with purchasing a property was completely taken out of our hands and became the responsibility of the buyers agent and in less than 48hrs the deal was done.Employing a reputable buyers advocate to do the deal was the smartest thing we did and would go down this road time and time again.

Holding out and not letting emotions take over during the auction of the property in Kingsville was also a blessing in disguise. That property is still sitting there all pink and proud, has since been resold and is no closer to commencing any type of renovation/restoration work.”

You can keep track of Dan and Dani’s progress with the “Seddon House” and all of their other projects on Dani’s great blog here – The Home Journal.

— Dani and Dan (Melbourne, March 2015)


I would like to commend Robert De Vita who bought an investment property on our behalf in late 2014.

My husband and I were first time investment buyers and didn’t know where to begin or what to look for and with both of us working long hours just didn’t have the time to spend on it. Robert visited us in hours that suited us, provided fast responses to any questions we had, regular follow-ups to provide status updates and was always available for a call.

His advice has been invaluable with a friendly and warm attitude. Initially we were wary about engaging someone to manage such a huge investment of our funds and our future but we are now very happy to have put our trust in Robert and National Property Buyers.

Dealing with Robert on the purchase of the house was by far the easiest part of the process for us, he took care of everything including the research and selection of a great property we are very happy with – in fact we chose one of the first he suggested, organizing a depreciation schedule, a solicitor for the legals, providing advice on landlords insurance, even organizing the property management arrangement.

Everything promised was delivered 100% and the level of after sales service has been fantastic. We had a tenant found for us and ready to move in the week after settlement!

I think my husband and I spent 4 hours or less buying a house which is really amazing. Robert really has provided a complete service which surpassed all of our expectations. If only he could have done the financials for us too!

I would not hesitate to recommend Robert and National Property Buyers to anyone looking to buy a property and we will absolutely be in touch with Robert again for our next purchase.

Thank you Rob!

— Kelly and Karl (Melbourne, February 2015)


I first went to meet with National Property Buyers after looking for an investment property for about 6 months.

I had absolutely no idea where to start and what I should be looking for. After enlisting the help of NPB I had purchased my first investment property within 2 weeks…. Their online property hub and open communication are first rate and made searching for the correct properties so simple and easy.

From going through the property for the first time to the auction and final inspections they made it all so easy and had all my questions answered before I asked them.

I was so impressed by their fantastic and honest service that I have enlisted them to manage my property from now on. I am now in the process of looking at a second investment property and will definitely be using NPB.

— Brian M (Melbourne, February 2015)


Dear Antony,

We would like to say a huge thank you for navigating us through the minefield of buying our new home. Your advice and assistance was invaluable and your negotiation skills are fantastic.

We have now purchased the home we wanted, in the location we wanted and for a price we were very happy with. Due to your involvement, we were not required to speak to the agent regarding the purchase as you looked after us every step of the way, viewing the property prior to us and making sure contracts were correct.

We can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend your services to anyone purchasing a property.

Thanks again,

— Liz and Joe (Melbourne VIC, November 2014)


Dear Antony, I just wanted to thank you again for helping me buy my dream home on the weekend.

After an unsuccessful and very stressful attempt on my own previously I was very nervous about doing it again. You took that stress away so that I didn’t have to speak to the agents or bid at auction. Your property research confirmed what I was willing to spend and you not only negotiated a great price at the auction but also importantly the settlement date that I needed and didn’t think I would get.

I have no hesitation in recommending your service to others either looking for their own home or investment property.

Thanks again.

— Jacqui C (Melbourne VIC, August 2014)


Hi Stephen,

We hope you are well. We just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for all the hard work & time you put in to finding us 2 properties that met our criteria & ensuring these purchases went as smoothly as possible (We know they were both unusual cases!).

Your professionalism & guidance throughout the process was much appreciated. Down the track we will definitely use your services again & would happily recommend you to anyone & everyone.

Thanks again,

— Carly & Murray (Brisbane, June 2014)


Hi Antony,

Thanks for your time, effort and patience in helping us secure our investment apartment, especially with our special requirements of not being able to do any business between sunset Friday to sunset Saturday (the Sabbath). There was also the delay due to my son’s wedding in between but in the end it has worked out just nicely.

You and your office have been really great and your service has been excellent. It has saved us so much time, which is really valuable, cutting away the ‘rough’ dirt we would have wasted so much time on and leaving us with just the gems to look through.

You also very quickly understood our criteria bringing us to one that suits us perfectly.

— Anthony H (Melbourne VIC, April 2014)


Hi Antony,

Thanks for all your “hand holding” and effort thorough the process! I know it’s challenging sometimes to nail me down or get a commitment to look at something but you’ve been very patient. Although an investment property is not an emotional buy, I am generally guided by a strong intuitive response (which I had to this one) so feel very comfortable.

Also thanks Rob, it was great watching you at work during and after the auction and I came away with a real appreciation for the skill and expertise required!

Great job. Hopefully we may get a chance to work again next year, we’ll see!

— Pam C (Melbourne VIC, March 2014)


Eight months ago my two siblings and I made the decision to buy an investment property in Brisbane for our elderly mother to live in.

Because the three of us live hundreds of kilometres away, we had no idea how we would go about doing this. Luckily for us, Stephen’s name and reputation came highly recommended to us through a friend. From the moment we first met Stephen, we knew we were in good hands. Even after explaining our situation involving our mother and working within a limited budget, Stephen was more than happy to take us on and treated us the same as million dollar clients.

He even went out of his way in helping our mother with advice on vacating the rental property she was living in at the time.

So within a few short months, Stephen handled the whole process from finding a property through to price negotiation then settlement.

We were even 100% comfortable in authorising him to sign the contract on our behalf! We have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and would definitely engage in his services again.


— Cathy, Fiona and Angus (Emerald, March 2014)


Thank you so much for your assistance with the purchase of my new home. I really appreciate your patience and professionalism at an extremely stressful time in my life.

I had no idea of the process and would not have managed without your help!

— Debra K (Melbourne VIC, October 2013)


Hi Robert, I hope all is well.

We moved in over the weekend and have somewhat half unpacked but settling in nicely. The property is terrific and the location is great, we are definitely enjoying our new home!

Out of all the ones we looked at over the past 5-6 months, this one definitely ticked all the boxes and came out on top.

Many thanks for helping us out over the past 5-6 months, making it a stress free process.


— Richard L (Melbourne VIC, September 2013)


Dear Catherine, Thank you so much for your wonderful service (and wine!) We are so pleased with the property and especially valued how everything went smoothly with regards to the negotiation process and liaising with different parties.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Hope that we will work together one day in the not too distant future.

Best regards

— Helene and Calvin (Melbourne VIC, May 2013


Dear Antony,

Thank you for helping us purchase a property again, this time our first investment property.

You made everything so easy, knowing which were the good areas to invest in and which properties were within our budget. You saved us time by visiting properties first before recommending them to us.

The entire process from initial search to purchase took less than a month! It was also comforting to have you by my side when signing the contracts, making sure all details were correct and that I wrote the cheque for the right amount!

Thank you also for your honesty and quick turnaround to all my questions and emails.

To anyone reading this and not quite sure what to do, I can assure you that using a buyers advocate is the smart way of purchasing property.

You won’t regret it! Thanks again.

— Elen and Johnny (Melbourne, May 2013)


Having someone who actually knew what they were doing on my side made such a difference to me in buying my first home.

I had received so much conflicting advice from friends and relatives that I really didn’t know where to start in negotiating the biggest purchase of my life to date. All I really knew was that the market was starting to go crazy and that I would probably have to spend tens of thousands more than I could really afford (or the bank would lend me) just to get the property I wanted.

Instead, I hired Antony, who having assessed the property and the market conditions, quickly and expertly negotiated a very good price for me. A price I don’t think I could ever have achieved on my own.

But just as important as that, he talked me through the whole process and answered all my (probably rather naive) questions and was quite simply fantastic.

He made me feel a whole lot more confident, when I had previously felt completely out of my depth.

So once again, thank you Antony, from the bottom of my heart. And, thanks to you, I might be able to afford a new lounge suite after all…

— Elizabeth A (Melbourne VIC, April 2013)

Thank you for your work on Saturday, we felt that you were an enormous help the whole way through the auction/buying process.

— Tim and Cara (Melbourne, April 2013)


Rob, Thanks for all your assistance with the sale of my property.

You made what ended up being a bit of a drawn out process with a number of challenges very manageable. Without your assistance and advice I am not sure how I would have coped.

Thanks again.

— Steve (Melbourne VIC, April 2013)


I commenced my search for an investment property some 12 months ago. I quickly realised that I know very little about buying a property for investment purposes and that if I was going to do it right, I would need some expert help. I started my search for a buying agent.

Of the three agents I made enquiries with, Stephen was the only one who was prepared to meet with me in person (after hearing about my limited budget) with no strings attached. Stephen took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and to explain his role as buying agent and what he would do for me if I engaged him.

He did what he said he would do and I am now the proud owner of my first investment property. As far as I am concerned, Stephen earned every penny of the agents fee. I also made great savings because I had an expert searching the market and ultimately negotiating the purchase for me. What stood out above all about his service was his personal service, professionalism and the fact that I was kept informed every step of the way.

— Sarah F (Brisbane, February 2013)


The best thing I did this year was contact National Property Buyers (NPB).

Antony looked after me better than I would have had I had all the time in the world. He got me into my own home. Negotiation not being my strong point, I contacted NPB.

The apartment I had found was almost perfect and impartiality had flown out the window. My worry was I would pay too much and look the fool to boot. Turns out, the offer price was the least of my worries. Had I been left to my own devices, I would likely have lost my deposit setting me back at least two years or if not I would have paid too much Antony did his research, which included going through the 130+ page tome of a section 32. The research upturned some things which combined with personal circumstances would have prevented me obtaining the required finance.

Disappointed, I had to let it go. For their service thus far, NPB charged me not a single cent. Twice over the next four months, the apartment’s vendors dropped the price. Twice I received a surprise call from NPB asking if I knew the price had dropped. Twice I was completely oblivious to the fact. By the second call, enough of my circumstances had changed so that I was almost ready to present and offer, but not quite. Antony listened carefully to where things were up to and gently advised me on my more naive ideas.

Then, until I was ready, he was in contact with me or the vendor’s agent almost daily. In fact, that was the best thing about Antony; he listened and even when I didn’t want to know (I found the negotiation part especially nerve wracking), he kept me fully informed. Not once did we end a call with me feeling uncomfortable because my fears/concerns/questions/confusions had not been dealt with or that something was missed.

At the end of every conversation, my concerns had been dealt with; as well as his. This listening and informing happened at every stage till settlement. This was whether he was negotiating the contract, or liaising with the real estate agent/conveyancer/mortgage broker, or whether he was working with me on the wording of the conditional finance clauses.

That was the second best about Antony; his knowledge.

His knowledge meant that he was able to pre-empt potential problems and deal with them beforehand. On the financing front in particular, things didn’t go smoothly. They would have been even more problematic had Antony not insisted (1) I check certain things with the mortgage broker first before I put the offer (2) had he not spent considerable time with me on the wording of the conditional finance clauses, explaining to me potential outcomes and potential reactions by the vendors and (3) actively following up with me when the conditional clauses were becoming due, to which I had become completely oblivious due to my intense concentration on getting the financing moving.

Had Antony not had the knowledge and been pre-emptive on the clauses and requesting extensions on the conditional clauses when needed, I may well have lost my deposit, setting me back two years.

There are many things I would do differently. Contacting NPB is not one of them.

Contacting NBP was the absolute best thing I did this year.

— Bernice T (Melbourne, January 2013)


Trying to find a property in Brisbane and living/working 1000K’s away was proving difficult.

From the moment I first rang Steve (@ National Property Buyers in Brisbane) I felt comfortable and extremely well informed. Steve handled the whole process from finding a property right through to negotiating a price and settlement. His genuine approachability, availability, professionalism and provision of information were a tremendous relief from the hassle of looking on my own.

National Property Buyers Brisbane are now managing my new unit which I am very happy with.

— Rohin M (Brisbane, January 2013)


Hey Ant,

Just letting you know I moved in properly and stayed in the new place last night after a few weeks of giving my credit card a massive workout! It’s a great little place.

Add to that another interest cut yesterday and that there seems to be very little in the 500-650k price range on the market to confirm it was the right time to buy and the property is a ripper.

Thanks again for the help! Wouldn’t have the same peace of mind without it.

— Daniel C (Melbourne VIC, December 2012)


Hi Stephen,

My husband and I initially had reservations about using a buyer’s agent but after engaging Stephen McGee from National Property Buyers we realised those reservations were unnecessary.

Stephen’s professionalism and hard work made the process easy and efficient for us. He was always accessible and was able to provide us with meaningful advice on our purchase but at the same time was respectful of our views.

We successfully purchased a property using Stephen and will be sure to utilise National Property Buyers again.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.

— Penny C (Brisbane, December 2012)


My husband and I had the very good fortune to have Stephen McGee as our buying agent for two properties last year.

Due to his professionalism, experience and his total focus on finding the right properties for our portfolio he secured both properties within a very short time. He never bothered us with a lot of properties to look at that were not on our list of requirements.

We were impressed by the way he kept us informed of each major development in the negotiation process and the fact that until the day of sale and even after he answered any questions within hours of emailing him. He arranged all the professional services that go with purchasing and intervened on our behalf if he felt the time lines were not being met.

We appreciated his no nonsense approach and his thorough understanding of us as clients we would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for a buyer’s agent who knows exactly what he is doing and we will certainly be using him again in the future.

— Christina and Jorg (Brisbane, June 2012)


“My wife and I were first time home buyers with no experience of the Melbourne Property market, we asked NPB for help with negotiation for some selected properties in our area.

We were introduced to Robert was diligent and helpful in the initial process and achieved some very quick results. During the negotiation process Robert was thorough in explaining the potential hazards and implications of various aspects of the negotiation.

As a result of Robert’s work we were able to secure the first house on our preferred list for well below our budget for the property including NPB fees and below the average for similar properties in the area.

Many thanks!”

— Anthony L (Melbourne VIC, November 2012)

Dear Antony and Rob,

Buying real estate is a very daunting prospect when you have little, or what could be incorrect information and understanding regarding the process. What a complete relief to find ethical and trust worthy advocates to help you through the process.

I am completely satisfied with the level of service, attention to detail and experience and knowledge that you and your team made available to me for a pittance in the scheme of the transaction undertaken. It will most certainly remain the most value for money I am ever likely to receive. I would have felt this way regardless of the outcome on the property!

I have no hesitation in recommending you and your team to any person wanting to purchase property. In fact, I am actively doing so! I will now consider buying real estate as an investment based on my experience with you in buying a home.

— Jane (Melbourne, August 2011)


Dear Antony, Robert and Catherine,

Please find enclosed cheque covering our agreed successful purchase of a home for me. Congratulations to you all for your professional and personal manner in all dealings with myself and my family. Your continued support and advice was invaluable to me and I will not hesitate to recommend National Property Buyers to anyone.

I found that you made the often stressful and difficult experience of purchasing a new home, a much easier and pleasurable time where I was able to share both concerns, worries and happiness. I am sure there were many times when I contacted, or met with you both together and individually in a stressful manner and I certainly appreciated your professional advice, calm and personal manner in which I was treated.

Thank you all.

— Kathi (Kilsyth VIC, June 2012)


Dear Antony, A quick note to say a very sincere thank you for your assistance thus far in purchasing in Ironbark Drive.

It seems somewhat surreal at present but I am very pleased. You have made this experience an incredibly positive one!

Thanks again, chat soon.

— Sonia R (Melbourne, April 2012)


After realizing that buying an investment property interstate was possibly going to be a good investment option for me and without the confidence to go it alone I struggled for a long time deciding how I would tackle the task.

A solicitor recommended a Buyers Agent to me and so I stumbled across National Property Buyers on the net and six to eight weeks later I’m over the ‘hump’. It has been a reassuring experience having Robert on the job. His advice, experience and efficiency have been invaluable.

From searching for the place I liked, right through to bidding for me at auction as well as guidance with the ‘Legals’ and what to expect next. I’ve even scored as Property Manager along the way which was another hurdle I found myself faced with.

Thank-you Robert and all the team at National Property Buyers.

It would have been so much more stressful without your help.

— Therese (April 2012)


Thank you Antony and Robert for all your help!

You took the time to figure out what we wanted and were constantly updating us with your progress! Even when we went overseas on holidays, we could still bid on a property with both of you standing in for us.

We will definitely be calling on your services for our next property!

— Kimberly (Melbourne, November 2011)


Dear Antony,

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!

Being a migrant to Australia and with a little knowledge on the local market, I initially thought that buying a property is a tough task.

After engaging your service, the process was so smooth and I could narrow down to what I actually want based on my budget and the property type. I would greatly appreciate your commitment, dedication and hard work without which I wouldn’t have got my first home today.


In fact, I would say that you searched for the property as if you are going to buy. You were more active than me. You have taken away all the headache from me during the buying process. Throughout the phase, I was so cool and never worried about the progress.

This is amazing! I am happy to engage you for my further investments in future and also I would suggest your service to my friends as well. I think I have gained more than what I paid you.

Well done and Keep it up!

— Ravi (Melbourne, October 2011)


Dear Antony, We can hardly find words to express how grateful we are to you for your outstanding service which led to us purchasing the Irvine Crescent unit yesterday. You are so incredibly knowledgeable and competent in your field.

We trusted you completely and felt very secure having you advising us and acting for us. We don’t want to think what the process and outcome of looking for an investment property would have been like without you!

Thank you so much for all your work for us. We have been recommending you to others and hope that we will have the chance to retain you again in the future.

Our very best wishes and deepest gratitude.

— Paula & Joo-Cheong (Melbourne, September 2011)


Just a quick note to say thanks and well done. We really appreciated your advice and input in the days leading up to the purchase and we are so happy with the result.

You were amazing and made what would be an incredibly stressful process go as smoothly as possible.

— Edward & Tina


I know I would not have got this place without all your hard work and encouragement, especially as I was buying sight unseen, given I am overseas. I know I have a great investment property for the next few years and a home for whenever I move back to Australia.

Feel free to use me as a reference.

— Jane


You have saved us many headaches and a lot of time – you definitely had a tough job in such a hot market with our tight budget. Next time we will definitely approach you first, rather than spending 6 months clueless and delusional on our own.

— John & Michelle


Thank you for all of your advice, guidance and focus in helping us find our home.

You’ve been brilliant and made the process completely stress free for us which was exactly what we wanted. We thank you especially for your time, dedication and effort. Your professionalism was outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending you.

— Tom & Louise


Thanks heaps for all your efforts in finding us a house – you did a fantastic job and we’re very pleased with the result.

Having you there post-auction to go through all the paperwork etc was fantastic and you made us feel very secure with what needed to be done.

We are delighted with the result and can’t wait to get in there.

— Joanne & Sam


You were a star and we wouldn’t have been able to find a house we loved so much without you helping us.

You had the agent on the back foot…which has got to be a good thing!

Once again thanks for all your help and expertise.

Your work was very much appreciated.

— Peter & Sandra


Dear Antony,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort in assisting us get the property we had fallen in love with and really wanted.

With 3 other people interested in the property, we are still amazed at how you were able to secure the property prior to auction at a price considerably lower than what we were prepared to pay. We soon realised after engaging you that we were out of our depth when it came to assessing and negotiating property.

In hindsight, we should have approached you 3 months ago. Your negotiation skills saved us substantially more than the fee we paid you and has given us our dream home. You and your team were very professional and efficient. You knew the market extremely well and quickly determined our requirements and tastes, ensuring our time was spent only looking at properties that met our needs and budget.

The whole process saved us time and money and prevented us making common mistakes that many people make during the home buying process. You were there from start to end and that made us feel completely comfortable.

We have no hesitation in recommending your services and will certainly call you when we are ready for our next purchase. All the best and thank you again.


— Joe & Debbie


I was finding it very difficult to find and purchase an investment property in Melbourne.

After nearly 12 months of searching online and endless inspections, I decided to call Antony at National Property Buyers after being recommended to him by a friend of mine. My experience with Antony from the initial search to the eventual purchase, which only took 4 weeks, was great.

Antony found the best matched properties for my requirements and saved me a great deal of time. I was constantly kept informed on the whole process and his negotiation skills ensured I secured the property at a very good price within my budget.

I am very pleased with the property which has settled and already has tenants in it. I would be happy to recommend the services of Antony to other property buyers.

— John


It has proven to me that engaging National Property Buyers services is a cost effective way of securing an investment property.

I am particularly thankful to Antony for his professional service throughout the process. Antony had to work within a tight time frame to negotiate and secure the property for me.

Without him representing me, I know I would not have been able to secure the unit myself.

No task was too big or too small and a big stress was lifted off my shoulders once Antony took over the process. The team at National Property Buyers are very efficient and they demonstrated a clear understanding of my needs. They operate in a very professional manner and are highly client focused.

I would have no hesitation in using their services again when buying my next property and I recommend them to others who want to save time and money and take the stress out of the process of buying property.

— Matthew