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Expatriate and International Buyers

Australia is recognised as one of the best property markets to invest in and one of the best countries in the world to live. Like any property market, it is imperative to secure property that best suits your situation at the lowest price and under the best conditions – no matter where in the world you are. That’s where National Property Buyers can help.

Buying property can be difficult at the best of times, let alone if you’re based in another country or time zone.

Whether you’re in New York, London, Singapore, or Hong Kong, National Property Buyers will act as your personal property concierge and ensure that your property purchase is as stress free and convenient as possible. Our qualified team of experienced buyer agents are able to secure you property in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. They will ensure you secure quality property through their expertise and sound insight of the local property markets.

Take a look at our fee structure here and discover why it makes perfect sense to engage a buyer’s agent (not only for financial reasons).

So why choose National Property Buyers?


On average, National Property Buyers secures quality property within 45 days for 80% of both owner occupier and investor clients. Engaging National Property Buyers ensures you not only secure quality property, but also secure it quickly.

National Property Buyers is able to source property so efficiently not only thanks to our expert understanding of the market and exceptional searching process, but also because of our access to property not publically available.

National Property Buyers advocates have access to ‘off-market’ properties (property that is not publically advertised) through our close relationships with Selling Agents, expanding your pool of buying options.

I know I would not have got this place without all your hard work and encouragement, especially as I was buying sight unseen, given I am overseas. I know I have a great investment property for the next few years and a home for whenever I move back to Australia. Feel free to use me as a reference.

— Jane L (Aussie Expat based in the UK)


National Property Buyers are experts at matching you with the best property to suit your needs. We will take the time to get to know you and fully understand how we can best be of service.

For example, we often purchase property for buyers moving back to Australia with their families. It is often the case that professionals working overseas will need to secure property that accommodates not only their needs, but also the needs of their children; property that is close to work and transport. Crucially, we understand the importance of buying in school zones, with our expertise providing you with a massive advantage over the competition to secure property in these highly competitive areas.

It can be difficult to find the perfect property when so many boxes need to be ticked, let alone doing it from the other side of the world. That’s why it’s crucial to get second to none expertise and knowledge to find your ideal property. Whether you’re buying to move back quickly, or purchasing a property to hold as an investment for a time and then move, National Property Buyers will be able to assist.


The hardest part of buying property in a country you’re not living in is communication. But National Property Buyers exclusive online communication portal, propertyHUB will make that process far easier.

Expat property buyers

propertyHUB is an invaluable resource for International buyers.

propertyHUB is a unique client resource that allows you to track in real time each property we recommend to you throughout the search and assessment phase, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making time zones irrelevant.

We will upload properties to your propertyHUB account for you to view, with accompanying comments on why we believe they best fit your criteria. You will then be able to leave feedback on each property, allowing an efficient and effective communication process.

propertyHUB also provides you with a central document repository, keeping important documentation relating to your search and eventual purchase in the one location. This database allows you to easily access documents including, but not limited to, engagement authority, comparable property reports, Power of Attorney and contracts of sale.

The only thing you require is internet access and everything you need for the search and purchase of your property is at your fingertips.

We noticed that buyers living overseas were under more stress and experienced more frustration because of the added difficulties dealing with time differences. Simple things like efficiently sending documents and communicating was that much harder.

That’s why we built our industry leading technology “propertyHUB” specifically for this purpose – to make the process of communicating as easy as possible and in doing so, alleviate all that stress and frustration. It’s as if they were only on the other side of the city, not the other side of the world.

Antony Bucello (National Property Buyers, Director)


If you’re buying an investment property, propertyHUB will also store items relevant for you’re the management of your property, including inspection reports and lease agreements.

In addition to these resources, we will also act as your central connection to other service providers relevant to your property purchase. We will connect you with Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants, Solicitors, Building Inspectors and more.

If you are a foreign investor – that is, not an Australian citizen who is investing in property in Australia – you will need to meet certain criteria. National Property Buyers advocates can assist you to ensure you purchase within the legislation, or you can find out more from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) at firb.gov.au.


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