The Block first blasted its way onto our screens in 2003 and we have been hooked for 18 seasons ever since. The winning formula of amazing room reveals with nail-biting finishes, our Aussie love of DIY and the drama between contestants as couples, partners, family members and friends battle exhaustion and budgets have us glued to the TV.

It might surprise you that 13 of the 17 seasons have been filmed in Melbourne. Some of our most popular lifestyle and expensive suburbs have been centre stage including Albert Park, Brighton, Richmond, South Yarra and St Kilda.

We decided it was time to find out what each winning Melbourne property was worth in today’s market and our Senior Buyer Agent, Antony Bucello completed a desktop analysis for each and calculated their current estimated market value. It became apparent that the spectacle of buying a Block property under lights and camera may have had some people paying more than they probably should! Whilst each property came with every bell and whistle typically items like furniture, home automation, decor and appliances don’t appreciate.  Our analysis revealed that only 6 out of the 14 properties we assessed have enjoyed positive growth since auction day, acknowledging some properties only sold 1-2 years ago. However, for many of the properties taken over by investors, they do attract a premium rent and a very high depreciation. One property for its first five years claimed approximately $45,000 per annum in depreciation!

Our deep dive into The Block has revealed the property worth the most money now, the property that experienced the most growth and the property that saw the winning contestants walk away with the biggest cash prize. Interestingly, none of these properties are the same!

The Block What are they worth now chart


Season 4, the first Block season to take part in Melbourne featured rundown worker cottages in Richmond. Richmond at only 3kms east of the CBD has undergone a steady process of gentrification since the 1990s and is now one of Melbourne’s most highly desired suburbs.

There is no shortage of shops, cafes and restaurants. It has an eclectic mix of housing from Victorian terraces to warehouse conversions and townhouse development. It is home to some of Melbourne’s largest sporting venues, The MCG, Melbourne Park and AAMI Park. Richmond is well serviced by Richmond train station which is a major hub for 8 different train lines and trams running along Swan St and Bridge Rd.

Season 4 The Block 2011 (Highest Growth, Lowest Winnings)


Address 39 Cameron Street
Winning Team Polly & Waz
Property Type House
  3 Beds | 2 Baths | 0 Cars
Block Reserve $840,000
Block Sold Price $855,000
Total Winnings $115,000 (inc $100k prize)
Estimated Value Now $1,550,000
Change in Price $645,000
Overall Growth (2011-2022) 75%
Average Growth per Year 6.9%

Cameron Street in Richmond is a relatively quiet street and is close to all the main amenities, shops, cafes, restaurants and trams. There are a few small industrial sights nearby including a car park across the road from the house. The house has a good floorplan and an extended indoor/outdoor living area with a great deck. A private car park would have attracted a premium for this property.

Unfortunately, for Polly and Waz they walked away with the lowest winnings from all of The Block seasons at $115,000 (including the $100,000 cash prize). However, the owners are sitting pretty as this property has experienced the highest average annual growth (approx. 6.4% pa) of all the Melbourne Block properties.

South Melbourne

South Melbourne, one of the 3 suburbs that featured twice in The Block is an inner-city suburb 3kms from the CBD. It has a young demographic (average age 20-39) that enjoy visiting all that Bay Street and Clarendon Street have to offer. It is home to South Melbourne Market, a quintessential village market, a place where people can shop, meet, eat and drink.

There are multiple tram options that will get you about or into town. However, considering it neighbours Southbank you could just walk! It is bounded by The Royal Botanic Gardens and Albert Park Lake, both popular destinations for exploring and exercising. There is a good mixture of homes including plenty of period properties.

Season 5 The Block 2012


Address 405 Dorcas Street
Winning Team Brad & Lara
Property Type House
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 0 Cars
Block Reserve $1,114,000
Block Sold Price $1,620,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $606,000
Estimated Value Now $2,200,000
Change in Price $580,000
Overall Growth (2012-2022) 36%
Average Growth per Year 3.6%

This seasoned featured rundown terrace houses on Dorcas Street. Dorcas Street can be a bit of a thoroughfare as it traverses South Melbourne from east to west.

The winning apartment was a medium size 3 story family home with a good floor plan with decent size bedrooms and two internal living areas. One provides good indoor/outdoor living with a deck and BBQ area. The South facing living could have been dark but the architect maximised natural light with multiple well-placed large patio doors. For a family home, a car space or two would have been great. However, the wow factor was certainly present with a rooftop entertainers’ deck with 180-degree views of the city.

Brad and Lara walked away with a decent amount of change at $606,000 and the owners who have never sold have enjoyed around 3.6% average growth per year.

Season 7 Sky High 2013 (2nd Lowest Winnings)


Address 1/142 Park Street
Winning Team Alisa & Lysandra
Property Type Apartment
3 Beds | 4 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $1,140,000
Block Sold Price $1,435,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $395,000
Estimated Value Now $1,900,000
Change in Price $465,000
Overall Growth (2011-2022) 32%
Average Growth per Year 3.6%

The second Block series featured in South Melbourne was Season 7 Sky High. Sky High was a multi-story rundown motel where each Block apartment occupied an entire floor. Season 7 is when the perennial favourites, twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra, first made their big splash on TV.

Park Street is well located, just a short walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens. It does carry a little bit of traffic and trams run-down part of the road but fortunately not in front of Sky High.

The winning apartment on Level 1 with lift access has a solid floorplan with 3 large bedrooms and an ensuite for each, or in the case of the master 2 ensuites!  It enjoys a north-facing terrace, a communal rooftop area for entertaining and 2 car parks. At the time, this development was Melbourne’s first 8 Star Energy Rating!

The owner’s corp fees are likely to be relatively high with a lift and communal rooftop deck.

Albert Park

Albert Park is a beautiful waterfront suburb 4kms south of the CBD. It is characterised by wide streets, heritage buildings, terraced houses, open air cafes, parks and significant stands of mature exotic trees. Albert Park has a long beach frontage and is home to Albert Park Lake, which has famously hosted the Australian Grand Prix since 1996.

Season 8 Fans vs Faves 2014 (Great Location)


Address 1/47 O’Grady Street
Winning Team Alisa & Lysandra
Property Type Warehouse Apartment
3 Beds | 3 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $1,834,000
Block Sold Price $2,470,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $736,000
Estimated Value Now $2,500,000
Change in Price $30,000
Overall Growth (2014-2022) 1%
Average Growth per Year 0.2%

This season saw a 1912 theatre conversion into tri-level warehouse apartments on a nice residential street in a blue-ribbon locale.

The floorplan features a few negatives – a spiral staircase is not everyone’s cup of tea and there was a missed opportunity to put a full bedroom on the first floor, which may have increased the appeal to a younger downsizer. However, two car spaces and a storage cage are very handy and the private rooftop terrace certainly brings the wow! An entertainers delight with city views. There is also a surprise communal indoor heated pool on the ground floor.

It is difficult to find evidence that this apartment was worth $2.5 million in 2014. The current median house price in Albert Park is $2,052,500 and it might be more appealing to buyers to secure a 3-bedroom house than an apartment.

This property saw Alisa and Lysandra, in their second Block appearance, rake in the money. With a reserve of $1,834,000 and a selling price of $2,470,000 they walked away with a cool $736,000 (including the 100k cash prize). Alisa and Lysandra total winnings now from 2 seasons of the Block was $1,131,000.


Prahran, colloquially known as “Pran”, is an inner south-eastern suburb 5 kilometres from the CBD.

It is home to part of the famous and popular Chapel Street. Chapel Street, running 4.14km is Victoria’s largest retail, entertainment and lifestyle precinct, with over 2200 retail shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. If that wasn’t enough options, Prahran is also home to Greville St, once the centre of Melbourne’s hippie community, which has many boutique shops and eateries. It also shares Prahran Market, the ultimate foodie experience in a market atmosphere, with its wealthy neighbour, South Yarra.

Season 9 Glasshouse 2014 (3rd Lowest Winnings)

The Glasshouse Source:

Address 4/125 High Street
Winning Team Simon & Shannon
Property Type Apartment
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $1,565,000
Block Sold Price $1,900,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $435,000
Estimated Value Now $2,100,000
Change in Price $200,000
Overall Growth (2014-2022) 11%
Average Growth per Year 1.3%

As soon as you see the street name “High Street” in a property address, you know it is on a main road that carries traffic and whilst it may give you great access to amenities, a quieter residential street would be preferred.

However, what this property lacks in street location it makes up for in size. You could almost consider this property a townhouse due to its generous proportions. The floorplan has 3 large bedrooms, a dedicated study zone and a sizable terrace. If we were to be super critical there seems to be wasted space at the entrance and the laundry at the front door is not ideal.  Increasing the appeal is two private car spaces and a secure 70sqm storeroom.

The use of a central void and the title “Glasshouse” means there is lots of natural light. You just have to decide if living on a main road is for you.

South Yarra

South Yarra is an inner south-eastern suburb 4 km from the CBD. It is home to some of Melbourne’s most prestigious residential addresses. Residential land price records (per square metre) have been set by properties on Domain Road, Walsh Street and Fairlie Court!

Like Prahran, it is home to part of the popular Chapel Street. Chapel Street running 4.14km is Victoria’s largest retail, entertainment and lifestyle precinct, with over 2200 retail shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. The South Yarra section of the famous street is the most fashionable and upmarket end. It also shares Prahran Market, the ultimate foodie experience in a market atmosphere, with its neighbour Prahran. Toorak Road and the Jam Factory provide even more shopping options or a cinema experience.

South Yarra is partly bounded by the Yarra River and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Two train lines pass through South Yarra station providing frequent train services.

Season 10 Triple Threat 2015 (2nd Most Winnings)

Triple Threat Source:

Address 4/27 Darling Street
Winning Team Darren & Deanne
Property Type Townhouse
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $1,455,000
Block Sold Price $2,290,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $935,000
Estimated Value Now $2,600,000
Change in Price $310,000
Overall Growth (2015-2022) 14%
Average Growth per Year 1.9%

This former 1970’s apartment block saw the winning couple, Darren and Deane, returning contestants, walk away with the most prize winnings in one season in Block history until the controversial Block 2020. Which now places them with the second most winning. The judges loved their room reveals, awarding them the winning room 5 out of 10 judgements, including a perfect room score for their terrace.

The north-facing terrace townhouse has a good floorplan; however, 4 levels may not appeal to everyone, especially with the master bedroom at the top! The third bedroom is a little small and just as a fun idea maybe a laundry shoot would have been beneficial with the bedrooms all upstairs and the laundry on the lower floor!

The expansive open living extends seamlessly to a private courtyard with multiple floor to ceiling bi-fold doors. The double garage on the lower floor has a 400-bottle wine cellar which is a nice touch. Darling Street is close to Toorak Road and all its amenities, but the train line runs down behind the houses on the opposite side of the street.

Season 11 The Blocktagon 2015

The Blocktagon

Address 6/1a Affleck Street
Winning Team Dean & Shay
Property Type Penthouse Apartment
3 Beds | 3 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $1,645,000
Block Sold Price $2,300,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $755,000
Estimated Value Now $2,200,000
Change in Price ($100,000)
Overall Growth (2015-2020) -4%
Average Growth per Year -0.6%


Unfortunately, the location for this Block is relatively poor as it corners busy Commercial Road. Presenting a further challenge was the property shape, a multi-story former hotel in the shape of an octagon. Australians generally love open plan living areas and this was going to be difficult to achieve. The architects made their best efforts, but it still resulted in an unusual footprint.

However, the winning apartment, the penthouse, netted $2.3 million and Dean and Shay won $755,000 in cash prizes, which is the third-highest winning total in Melbourne.  The apartment enjoys north facing living/dining and a terrace with city views. The views don’t stop there with balconies off every room. A double garage and a communal rooftop terrace all add to the appeal but watch out for the owner’s corp fees with the lift and communal areas adding to the fee.

This winning property is one of the two winning properties that resold since The Block auction.  It sold in 2018 for $2,365,000. Only gaining $65,000 more dollars.



Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne is situated 5 kilometres southwest of the CBD and is a former industrial zone that’s becoming an upscale place to live. It has transformed from being known as a poorer suburb to one of the wealthiest in the area in the past few decades. Homes in Port Melbourne are a collection of swank apartments, Victorian timber worker cottages, and semi-detached townhouses.

If you like water there is no shortage, it is bordered by the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay. One of our staff members loves to ride along the Yarra through Southbank and down Port Melbourne’s light rail through green parks. It reaches Port Phillip Bay where you could cycle all the way to the Mornington Peninsula if your legs had it in them!

The West Gate and CityLink, provide excellent transport links and Bay Street has all the amenities you could need.

Season 12 The Block 2016 (3rd Highest Winnings)

The Block 2016 Source:

Address 1/164 Ingles Street
Winning Team William & Karlie
Property Type Courtyard Apartment
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1 Cars
Block Reserve $1,885,000
Block Sold Price $2,600,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $815,000
Estimated Value Now $2,500,000
Change in Price -$100,000
Overall Growth (2016-2022) -4%
Average Growth per Year -0.6%


This time the Block took place in a heritage art deco building, the winning apartment was fan faves William and Karlie who netted the third-highest winnings in Block history at $815,000.

This courtyard apartment, comparable to a townhouse boasts an excellent floor plan. It is straightforward with open plan living that extends into an alfresco area. It has 3 generous size bedrooms, an oversize ensuite, a private courtyard and a single car space. Like all the other Block properties it comes with all the bells and whistles, but people fell hard for William and Karlie’s aesthetics.

This part of Ingles Street isn’t in the best location with light industry around however it is close to the light rail and Bay Street shops and restaurants. The buyers probably paid a little over at the time but overall this one was nice!


Elsternwick is an inner suburb 9kms south-east of the CBD.  At 9kms it is the furthest suburb from the city centre for The Block. However, at under 10kms that is still very close. It has a slightly more suburban feel but in all the good ways, there are amazing tree-lined streets with period homes stretching down them.

You could spin the bottle and head in any direction and have entertainment or shopping options. The beach, restaurants and bars in Chapel St, major shopping centres, the Caulfield Racecourse, St Kilda and the MCG are all easy to get to via car or public transport.

Season 13 The Block 2017 (Great Location)


Address 46E Regent Street
Winning Team Elyse & Josh
Property Type House
5 Beds | 4 Baths | 3 Cars
Block Reserve $2,620,000
Block Sold Price $3,067,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $547,000
Estimated Value Now $3,550,000
Change in Price $483,000
Overall Growth (2017-2022) 16%
Average Growth per Year 3.1%

After a few seasons of apartments and townhouses, this one saw our contestants renovating rundown weatherboard houses.

This season is one of our favourite locations. Regent Street is a nice suburban residential street with very little traffic. There are train and tram transport options nearby and shops around the corner. Caulfield Grammar a popular private school is located nearby as well. It is possibly only equalled by O’Grady St in Albert Park for location.

The floor plan for living areas is good, including a family room for the kids and a lounge for the grown-ups. However, the master bedroom (and a second bedroom) are located above the garage which is separate from the main residence. Not sure about running from the main house to my bedroom in the middle of winter!

There are 3 bedrooms in the main residence whilst they don’t look quite big enough (the floorplan doesn’t have measurements on it), it would have been good if one of them could have been the main bedroom especially if you had small children! The above garage accommodation would be good as a teenage retreat, for visitors or even a BnB scenario.

Comedian and radio host Dave Hughes famously purchased this property, the 3rd most expensive in Block history. He is quoted as saying “I had trouble renting it. It took a while.” “At one point the real estate agent rang me and said, ‘someone wants to move in but they’ve got a dog’. I felt like saying, ‘I don’t care whether they’ve got a meth lab’. Let’s hope he was just having a little joke with his listeners!

St Kilda

St Kilda is home to some of Victoria’s best-known tourist attractions and is renowned for its unique atmosphere and diversity. For those who like the outdoors, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches which cover some 11.6 km of foreshore from Port Melbourne through St Kilda to Elwood. There are lush parks and gardens and a foodie paradise along Fitzroy and Acland Streets. Amble along St Kilda’s historic pier to visit the resident penguins and enjoy an ice cream or watch budding kiteboarders show off their style on the beach.

And of course, St Kilda is home to Luna Park, an iconic amusement park with unique rides, delicious food and holiday events for the perfect family fun day.

Season 14 The Gatwick 2014 (Underdog Winners)

The Gatwick Source:

Address 202/34 Fitzroy Street
Winning Team Hayden & Sara
Property Type Apartment
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1 Cars
Block Reserve $2,475,000
Block Sold Price $3,020,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $645,000
Estimated Value Now $2,800,000
Change in Price -$220,000
Overall Growth (2019-2020) -7%
Average Growth per Year -1.8%

The Gatwick hotel was an infamous rooming house in St Kilda for the old, infirmed, downtrodden or drug or alcohol-addicted who could afford a night in the dilapidated but cleanish rooms. However, the owners, two sisters, after reportedly struggling with the cost of ongoing upkeep put it on the market in December 2015 where the Block bought it for $10m.

The underdogs, Sara and Hayden were crowned the winners of the 14th season of the Block, pocketing $645,000. The contestants transformed the 240 sqm sub-penthouse apartment with grand luxury and from memory the most expensive bathroom of all Block time!

It is a straightforward floorplan with bedrooms and bathrooms down one side of the hall and an open kitchen and living leading to a large north facing balcony on the other, with a single car park and storage cage in the basement.

Overall the floorplan is good with a nice open kitchen and living which allows easy access to the sizeable balcony.  The master bedroom would have been better located at the front of the property and the third bedroom in its place. Also, the walk-in robe at the front of the property is too big – a bit smaller and the creation of a study or more appropriate study area would have worked better in our opinion.

Fitzroy St is well known and centrally located with Albert Park across the road, but it is busy with trams and traffic.

Season 15 The Block 2019

The Block 2019. Source:

Address 38B Grey Street
Winning Team William & Karlie
Property Type Terrace House
4 Beds | 4 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $2,990,000
Block Sold Price $3,620,000
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $730,000
Estimated Value Now $3,300,000
Change in Price -$320,000
Overall Growth (2019-2020) -9%
Average Growth per Year -2.9%

The Oslo, another former hotel located in St Kilda was the location for Season 15. The winning apartment sold for $3,620,000 however, interestingly, 4 previous winning apartments all picked up bigger cash prizes.

This tri-level terrace style apartment was designed to be the ultimate entertainer’s home including a private courtyard and double car space. Again, we have a spiral staircase to get you between floor 1, 2 and 3 which we aren’t fans of however it is inside a central void that brings in significant natural light that would have been missing otherwise. The property does boast 4 bedrooms and bathrooms and a porch or balcony on each floor and a rooftop terrace.

Unfortunately, due to the premium it attracted at The Block auction we calculated the present-day market value as suffering a 9% loss and it is now an estimated $3,300,000, $320,000 down in value.

This property is centrally located however Grey St does carry through traffic which is not ideal. The floor plan is ok with multiple living zones but there are some things that could have been better. For example, the bedroom on the first floor has a massive ensuite and little robes and the bedroom on the second floor should have an ensuite instead of 2 walk-in robes.


Season 16 was conducted in arguably one of Melbourne’s most desirable beach-side suburbs Brighton. With a median house price of $3.380,000 (Feb 2022) it is a suburb for the affluent and the well to do.

This Block series saw 5-period homes from the 1910s to the 50s rescued from demolishment and transported to a large block of land on New Street. New Street carries a little bit of through traffic (but is not a main thoroughfare), and is a great location walking distance to shops, cafes and the beach!

One of the most famous images from Brighton is the 82 Bathing Boxes that line the foreshore. Built well over a century ago these Victorian bathing boxes make the Brighton seaside into an iconic and instantly recognisable beachscape. in 2019 a bathing box that had been in the same family for 50 years sold for $340,000!

Season 16 The Block 2020
Address 360A New Street
Winning Team Jimmy & Tam
Property Type 1950s House
5 Beds | 4 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $3,290,000
Block Sold Price $4,256,000*
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $1,060,000
Estimated Value Now $4.050,000
Change in Price -$206,000
Overall Growth (2019-2022) -5%
Average Growth per Year -2.4%

Where do we start on the series that probably had the most famous post-production end ever and was shut down, albeit temporarily, because of a pandemic!!!

Mid production the Block had to shut down and the couples were sent home as the pandemic forced Australia in and out of lockdowns. After over a months break the couple were able to return and the early front runners Jimmy and Tam continued to take out room and challenge wins with their 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom palm springs inspired mid-century house. Jimmy and Tam went all-in on meeting the brief of matching their design choices to the period but their bold colour and design choices did polarise critics.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions for the first time inspections were conducted virtually and auction day only had a small group of registered bidders in attendance. One of them an eccentric millionaire, Danny Wallis bought three houses, but Jimmy and Tam’s winning bid came from a young woman who only visited the house for the first time the night before.

The 1950s-inspired home sold for a whopping $4.256 million – that’s $966,000 over their reserve, smashing all previous Block records. Before the highest profit over reserve was achieved by 2015’s Darren and Deanne, who earned $935,000 (including their $100,000 prize money).

However, sensationally the buyer of the house failed to pay for the property by the settlement date. Controversially Jimmy and Tam retained their title as The Block 2020 winners and all winnings (including the $100,000 winner’s prize). We might leave it here with “no comment” but mention the underbidder’s final bid was the eccentric millionaire, with a bid of $4,241,691.18.

It did sell in May 2021 for $4 million. We do expect this property will enjoy good growth over the years, but have made our comparison to the original sold price at the Block auction where people tend to pay overs!


Season 17 only moved a hop and a skip to Hampton, right next bayside Brighton. This beachside suburb has almost just as much to offer as its slightly closer to the city suburb Brighton. However, it comes with a much more affordable (for some!),  median house price of $2.4 million compared to Brighton’s $3.38 million (February 2022).

For dog lovers whether you are in Brighton or Hampton, there are great off-leash dog beaches and for everyone else, there is high-quality restaurants, cafes, public transport. sought after primary schools, and shops.

Season 17 Fans versus Faves 2021
Address 4 Bronte Court
Winning Team Mitch and Mark
Property Type Weatherboard House
  4 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $3,500,000
Block Sold Price $4,044,444.44
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $744,444
Estimated Value Now $3,900,000
Change in Price -$144,444.44
Overall Growth (2019-2022) -5%
Average Growth per Year -3.6%

Surely season 17 couldn’t top season 16 for controversy and excitement!

Oh but the 2021 Fan and Faves series didn’t disappoint with “photogate” the cheater’s photo that was taken and shared of the production schedule. Most of this season consisted of a Cluedo ‘who dunnit’ with some house renovating happening on the side.

Fan favourites Mitch and Mark took out the win with their renovated and extended weatherboard period home from the 1910s. Mitch and Mark received consistently harsh feedback from the judges throughout the series but managed to pull off the win to become $744,444 richer. Advertised as a family-friendly sanctuary of space and style in a secluded bayside cul-de-sac setting, this home on 586m2 does have lots of appeal and a tonne of skylights! The delightful front garden and heritage weatherboard facade is sure to get a few hearts racing though we do wonder is the day spa steam room for everyone!

The property was purchased by serial block buyer Danny Wallace who also happened to purchase Mitch and Mark’s Oslo apartment in 2019, (where Mitch and Mark, unfortunately, came last).

Like the Brighton house, we do expect this property to enjoy good growth over the years but the market value is currently under what it sold for under lights and cameras a year ago at auction.


Season 18, The Block 2022 really went rogue, it stepped out of the comfort of metropolitan Melbourne and headed to the Macedon Ranges to Gisborne some 40 minutes from Melbourne.

Gisborne South is well known for its sprawling country homesteads, tree-lined streets, restaurants and cafes, while the area also features beautiful wineries, olive groves, alpaca industries and local produce stores. The Block houses were positioned just a 10-minute drive to Gisborne’s main shopping hub, with primary and high schools nearby.

Season 18 The Block 2022 (Biggest Winnings)

The Block 2022

Address Gisborne
Winning Team Omar and Oz
Property Type Weatherboard House
  4 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Cars
Block Reserve $4,080,000
Block Sold Price $5,666,666.66
Total Winnings (inc $100k) $1,686,666.66
Estimated Value Now $3,900,000
Change in Price $1,766,666.66
Overall Growth  
Average Growth per Year  

This season seemed to feature an extreme amount of mud and Scott Cam for the first time renovated a property. And whilst there were the normal ups and downs of a season, auction day was the most eventful drama-filled auction for many seasons.

Omar and Oz’s property was first on the blocks, a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 4 car luxury home on 10 acres with resort-style amenities with approximately $250,00 of Swizz V-Zug appliances in their kitchen.

Two bidders fought it out for the property with Danny Wallace winning the keys for a cool $5,860,000.66 which saw Omar and Oz netting the biggest winnings ever in Block history – $1,686,666.66. The other contestants buoyed by this result couldn’t wait for their turns however the demand for four more $4 million dollar properties in Gisborne wasn’t there and the winnings dropped to $20,000 and $170,000 and two properties passed in on the day. The final property to sell took another month on the market and sold for $3,900,000.


Well, now you have it. You now know which Block properties are worth the most, experienced the most growth (or the most lost!) and which ones saw the winning contestants walk away with the most winnings.

You also know that the owners of winning properties are reluctant to sell their brag-worthy purchases with only 2 reselling since The Block auction.

We like you will be glued to our TV for the 19th season of The Block which sees our new batch of eager but maybe still naive contestants return to Bayside Melbourne to build 5 luxury homes in Hampton East.

Tools up people!

Disclaimer: Estimated current values were calculated by completing a desktop analysis. Data was sourced from Agent Listings,, REIV licensed software, VIC land data and Wikipedia (for reserves and total winnings). Estimated values were calculated in the month of May 2022. When completing the analysis we can only compare to when the properties were last sold, so in most cases, we are unable to determine if there have been any significant works or cosmetic upgrades since the last sold date.  While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, no guarantee is given nor responsibility taken for errors or omissions in this report. The information enclosed in this report is for general use only and does not constitute professional advice and should not be relied upon as such. All photos are sourced from