It’s amazing how much difference the little things can make. If you’re looking at adding value to your property, you may not have to put in a new kitchen and bathroom. There are small ways you can make improvements that can together be just as effective.

1. Let there be light!

Wherever possible, bring as much light into the property as possible. More light will make spaces feel cleaner and bigger. Skylights will obviously be the best way to go, so if you can look for places with low light, such as hallways or parts of the house that may be close to other structures to bring in more light.

2. New curtains or blinds.

An easy and usually cheap and effective way to modernise your interior spaces.

3. Whiten and brighten.

Yellowing of grout, light fittings, draws, doors, and walls happen to every house and make it look incredibly tired and dated. Replacing fittings, scrubbing tiles, and adding a new coat of paint to where it’s needed most will go a long way to bringing some life back into the house.

4. Clean the house.

This means actually cleaning the outside of the house. Wash windows, scrub away cobwebs, and take a high pressure hose to get rid of the grim and grit.

5. Landscaping and gardening.

This sounds daunting, but tidying up the small things can really help. Trim around garden beds and remove weeds. Cut away dead branches from trees. Sow lawn seeds where it’s needed. Look for some of the more unsightly parts of the garden such as pool pumps that could be covered with a well-placed bush or shrub. Tidy up the ‘junk space’ – the place behind the shed or garage that could be helped by some clever storage solutions, rather than a jumbled mess; you might even find you have enough space for an extra veggie garden.