Securing a new rental property can be a difficult process, but it needn’t be. Key to getting a property as quickly as possible is being as prepared as possible.

Every party involved in tenanting a property – the tenant, agent, and landlord –  want the process to run as smooth and as quick as possible. Having a top notch application prepared prior to attending an inspection will make it that much easier for the agent to do their job, and in turn, recommend your application to the land lord.

So what should you do?

Get everything ready before you start looking

There’s nothing that will torpedo your chances of getting a property more than not having the necessary documentation ready to go as soon as you’ve inspected. Photocopying or scanning licences, bills, pay slips etc. after inspecting a property only wastes time, during which other applicants have probably already submitted and been approved. Have all the documentation you will need ready to go, either in hard copy or

If all of your documentation is ready to go and submitted quickly to the agent following the inspection, it not only gives you a head start on other applicants, but also makes the agents’ job that much easier. If you have a solid application that ticks all the boxes, the agent can be in a better position to recommend you to the landlord. The landlord doesn’t want to have their property vacant for too long, and if a strong applicant becomes available, they will be likely to accept it.

Organize your references

References are likely to hold up an application more than anything else. You might have a really good application that impresses the real estate agent enough to recommend you to the land lord, but if the agent can’t get in touch with any of your references it’s very unlikely your application will be approved. Make sure your references are going to be available to take a call from an agent; if they are notorious for not answering their phone it’s probably not a great idea to list them as a reference. The agent is unlikely to wait for your references to become available.

Be on time, or be early

Getting to an inspection on time can always be a bit tricky, especially between work commitments, or other inspections. But real estate agents also do a lot of running around, so showing up on time will allow you plenty of time to inspect the property and ask any relevant questions of the agent.  It’s also good manners to be there on time, and shows you’re keen on the property.1-12 June Street Highett

Talk to the agent

It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to the agent while at the inspection. Not only will it help put your face to your name on the application, but it will also help to build a relationship with the agent, which will in turn hopefully make them remember you. Use this opportunity to put your best foot forward; talk about the property, why it’s good for you, why you like the area, what you do for work, etc. If the agent can see why you want to apply for a particular and why it will suit you, it gives you an advantage over another applicant who has just turned up, had a look around, and emailed their application.

Follow up on your application

It never hurts to follow up on your application a day or so after submitting it. Give the agent a call to ensure your application has been received and check if there’s anything else the agent might need. This will help keep you front of mind with the agent as well as showing your interest.