Many people these days have very little time in their busy lives to go to endless home opens after work or at weekends if they’re in the market for a property.

Or if people have just moved to WA from interstate or overseas then they may know very little about the local geography, demographics, facilities, market trends or housing prices.

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This is where a buyer’s agent can be of great use.

Engaging the services of a professional buyers’ agent is a great way to access quality advice and saves time. But how do you select the right person for the job?

Just as you would expect a Selling Agent to represent your interests, a Buyers’ Agent will act with the same level of professionalism in helping the buyer achieve their goals.

There are several characteristics you should look for when selecting a Buyers’ Agent but three key areas come to mind; communication, expertise and negotiation skills.

A good Buyers’ Agent should be an excellent communicator.

They should take the time to fully understand your needs and goals as well as your budget when selecting an investment or your next home, and prepare a brief relative to these requirements. This means that the Buyers’ Agent has a good working knowledge of your expectations and should be able to deliver accordingly.

Conversely, if your expectations are unrealistic, a good Buyers’ Agent should be able to tell you this politely and set you on the right path.

A good Buyers’ Agent should possess the expertise and knowledge in order to conduct specific research that may affect the purchase of the property and any other relevant items that are important to you the buyer.

For example, development potential, re-zoning and major planning projects in the property’s locality can significantly impact on its value over time.

If schools are important to you, they should know which schools are in close proximity and whether those schools meet you current or future needs.

Demonstrated negotiation ability is also an extremely important skill that a good Buyers’ Agent should have developed. The Buyers’ Agent should be able to negotiate the deal on your behalf with the seller, including negotiating the contract and settlement terms, as well as ensuring you are paying a fair price for the property.

Of course you will be consulted during this period, but won’t have to front the negotiations for yourself.

Buyers’ Agents, as with any professional, will charge a fee for their service which may be fixed or a percentage of the purchase price of the property. In either case you should ensure this is agreed and discussed from the start of the process.

To find your nearest Buyer’s Agent, please contact REIWA.

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