To whom it may concern

National Property Buyers

We engaged the services of Antony Bucello of National Property Buyers to assist us with the purchase of an investment property in August 2011. With Antony’s expert assistance, we purchased the property within six weeks in September 2011.

One of the best decisions we made in relation to our investment property purchase was to engage Antony’s services.

Antony offered exactly the service we needed for the purchase of our investment property. He searched for properties in accordance with our search criteria and provided us with a small number of high quality properties for our assessment. He inspected the properties to determine if they were worth us looking at them, so we only inspected properties which were good options and we therefore saved time and effort. Antony pointed out the pros and cons of all properties and noticed things which people not very experienced in the property market would not see. His detailed written assessment of the property was very helpful to us, especially on the question of the price of the property. He was able to provide information about the price range for the property, based on comparable property sales and his expert knowledge of the property market. Antony dealt with the vendor’s real estate agent for us, organised a building inspection and represented us at the auction. He bid for us at the auction in a most skilful manner and stayed with us all the way through the process.

We only inspected two properties, bid on both and were successful in our bidding on the second. We were delighted to purchase the second property for a price much less than we expected. Without Antony’s advice, I am sure we would have ended up looking at many more properties and we would not have known whether they were quality options or not. We no doubt would have taken many more months to finally purchase a property and probably would have ended up paying much more for the property.

As well as Antony offering exactly the service we needed, it was the manner in which he provided the service which was most outstanding. Antony was very easy to work with and we consider him entirely trustworthy. He listened to our plans for an investment property and whilst respecting our preferences, gave us excellent advice about how to improve our purchase. We felt that Antony was treating our purchase with the utmost seriousness – as if he were purchasing for himself. He was always timely in answering our telephone messages and emails and attentive to our various queries about aspects of the buying process.

We recommend Antony’s services to anyone seeking to purchase property.

Paula O’Brien and Joo-Cheong Tham
Brunswick West, Victoria