Repair and Maintenance Requests

Please fill in your repair and maintenance requests in the form below.

Your property manager will receive the form and respond accordingly.

You can also download the form here if you’d prefer to FAX (03 9836 3377) or email it back to us.

General Maintenance

In order to ensure that maintenance is attended to promptly, it must be submitted in writing. Please either email your property manager or submit a maintenance request via post or fax 03 9836 3377. Should maintenance be required on an appliance, the make and model number must be provided to our office prior to repairs being conducted.

Urgent Maintenance

Please refer to page 16 in the ‘Renting a home – A guide for tenants and landlords’ booklet given to you at sign up. In the event that the maintenance is urgent, you must phone our office on 1300 500 555 during business hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. Please do not contact your property manager outside these hours.

Please ensure that the problem is not an Owners Corporation repair prior to contact.

Owners Corporation Maintenance

Should you live in an apartment or unit complex, this is governed by an Owners Corporation. The Owners Corporation is responsible for maintaining and resolving all problems relating to the common area. These items include security walkway/car park gate repairs, burst pipes in common area and water leaks coming from ceilings/roofs. The Owners Corporation details are clearly marked at the front of the complex, usually near the letterboxes.

Should any problems relating to the outside of the apartments/units occur or any problems in the common area occur, please contact the Owners Corporation direct and obtain assistance. In the event that urgent repairs are required outside business hours, please still contact the Owners Corporation and follow the prompts on their messaging service to obtain the details of their after hours repairer to ensure works are completed promptly.