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Unit Blocks

Platinum Level Investor Clients

Let us source and acquire a Whole Unit block for you. We source and negotiate Boutique Unit Blocks either a 4, 6 or 8 pack that would prove to be top performing additions to your portfolio. You can then add further value by undertaking a full and structured renovation to the property.

Quality Investment Grade Units for individual Investors

If you do not quite have the entry capital to acquire a standalone residential property investment or a single unit to live in as your home then let National Property Buyers help you by grouping you with some more of our clients interested in this strategy.

We have solicitors prepare specialised contracts so that you are fully protected in the purchase along with all of our other purchasers.

We have a rigorous selection criterion that we undertake for all of our units Blocks, so you can be assured that you are purchasing a Top performing Property.

Our Unit Block Strategy has significant benefits:

  • Through our tough negotiating & bulk buying we can access huge discounts.
  • Acquire the property at typically wholesale prices therefore getting in front of the market.
  • Create instant equity by adding value through renovation.
  • We can project manage & co-ordinate all renovations for you internally and externally taking the stress out of the process.
  • Achieve optimum yields after renovation.

As this type of acquisition vehicle is a very popular strategy for our clients we often have clients registering with us to be part of the next block, so please do not hesitate complete the Help Us Help You form and register your interest for the next upcoming opportunity.

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Growing your wealth through property can be catapulted through the NPB Property Development Strategy. Depending on your risk profile we can help you with either a Residential Subdivision property or for the less faint at heart a Low to Medium residential development. Let us source and acquire a property for you that is suitable to remove and build either Units or Townhouses or two residential properties.

Properties such as this that carries the required zoning are becoming “as rare as hens teeth” so do not delay, register your interest by completing the Help Us Help You form and we will be in touch.

We can assist our clients with all aspects of the process by introducing you to one of our professional alliances who specialise in this field. We will work with you through the whole of the initial planning stages and be there with you until the end.

Our Property Development Strategy has significant benefits:

  • Through our network of selling agents we are often invited to look at premium sites before they hit the market.
  • Through our tough negotiating we can achieve huge discounts for you.
  • You are basically creating property for wholesale prices.
  • Achieve optimum yields & depreciation post renovation.

Add Value/Renovation

Let us source and acquire that pre-loved property in a Top Performing suburb for you. We can then show you how to add value to the property through renovation. There is much money to be made but also many potential pitfalls and costly mistakes that can be made along the way. Whether it be a Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation or a full scale home Improvement we can manage the entire project from concept and design right through to completion.

Our add value through renovation strategy has significant benefits:

  • Through our network of selling agents we are often invited to look at premium properties before they hit the market.
  • Through our tough negotiating we can achieve for you huge discounts.
  • Create depreciation and growth to improve your yield.
  • Improve rental return post renovation.
  • We can achieve great trade reductions for you by using our trade alliances so you never have to chase builders or sub-contractors
  • We will assess and determine end values for you to make it all financially viable and prevent you from overcapitalising.

We will buy the Right Property in the Right Suburb at the Right Price. Properties such as this in these top performing suburbs are truly hard to find so do not delay register your interest by completing the Help Us Help You form and we will be in touch.


The relatively recent rise of the Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) has created a new, exciting and often complex investment strategy. Recent legislation changes mean you can now diversify your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) portfolio and buy property. Borrowing to buy property through a Self Managed Super Fund can be a great way of managing your long terms goals towards a comfortable retirement.

More & more Australians are discovering the power of using their SMSF to diversify their portfolio to gain leverage, tax advantages and other benefits. The big attraction for many people is that SMSFs provide individuals with total control over their money, with no built-in management fees. However with this responsibility, comes many pitfalls for those new to this area of investment.

Timely and expert advice from National Property Buyers SMSF experts can show you how to create, structure and take control of your super & accelerate the growth of your fund and establish an income stream for retirement.

Please get in touch with us for further information about each property strategy listed above or to catch up for a free consultation – we’d love to discuss your plans.

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